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Экстрим вставляет без наркотиков!

I'm just the type of fella take yellow over gold

cant change the weather,but can change my mind
buy an umbrella spend a nice time in the rain
let it rain let it rain all the way
while you stand there and complain how this ruined your day

Hard as ya' can
To understand
This runnin' in circles
Got me wonderin'
I- I- I don't know why
We pay it any mind
Baby I'm blind
How would we know
If we don't even

oh shit! here we go again, the pad is my enemy the pen aint my friend
so im a try again and laugh at myself how serious i am, cause in the end
who gives a damn, now, dont pretend, live for yourself
shed your talents work on your tolerance
new days bring new challenges, face em like a man do
you assume what you wanna, cause even if im whack i still be on a track

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Social capital

  • less than 10